Customizing the WordPress Admin Interface

Brief History

WordPress is allowing us to build awesome blogs, portals and websites since 2000, providing a feature-full web-admin interface that revolutionized the concept of CMS.

The design of its admin panel, however, was basically the same for the vast majority of this time, dividing the user base in two groups: those who absolutely love it and those who were desperate for significant changes.

WordPress Classic Admin Interface

WordPress Classic Admin Interface


After this long waiting time, the WordPress team started working in something to renew the old admin interface, in an attempt to bring the design language to a more modern one, including icon fonts and a flattened approach. This project – secretly available on the WordPress plugins directory – was called MP6, with an absolutely random description and cover photo, so only those really curious or that already knew what that was about would install it.

MP6 on the plugin directory.

MP6 on the plugin directory.

Later, this MP6 theme was included in the core of WordPress, in version 3.8, but since then, some of us already got a little tired of its design.

Introducing Ultimo WP theme

After many years developing innumerous projects using WordPress I soon realized that I could ship a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of almost anything using WordPress as a base in a matter of days, instead of having to spending months just to decide which programming language/framework would be a better fit to a specific project (We spoke about using WordPress as a MVP Framework in this post).

While it may seem a good idea, WordPress is a well-know platform and many of our clients already knew what its admin interface looked like. Because of that, It was also important that the final users of our products did not realize that they were inside a WordPress install, so we need to heavily personalize the admin interface, making it look as custom as possible.

To accomplish all that we’ve come up with Ultimo WP, a admin theme that makes customizing the WordPress admin interface really easy, with tons of options.

Using Ultimo WP you can customize the login screen, the width of the admin menu and admin bar and much more. We also provide 8 awesome color presets, based on the WordPress default ones, but you have the liberty to set the colors by yourself.

Ultimo WP is on, it’s free and you can get it here. Bellow are some screenshots of the final results after installation.

What do you think?

What do you think of Ultimo WP? What options would you like to see added to the project? Let us know in the comments bellow!

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