The Problem

We all have had at least one client that clicked that one little button he was not supposed to click and ended up messing up hours of work.

That usually occurs because, as freelancing projects get more and more complicated using WordPress, the admin interface gets more and more items in its menu, items that the final client should not see at all.

Image: Does your clients really need to have access to all of those menu items?

The Solution: WPAMM

WP Admin Menu Manager solves all those problems, allowing you to completely modify your WordPress admin menu.. It offers a simple and intuitive interface that lets you:

Hide menu items

You can easily hide a menu item just dragging it to the "Disabled Tab".

Rename Menu Labels

The menu labels are not always the most straight-forward to our clients. You can easily change them to something more easy to understand!

Reorder the items

You can also change the menu items' original order to present them to your clients in the order of priority you find most relevant.

Change the icons

You can easily change the icon of the menu item as well!

It also works with submenus!

Renaming, reordering and hiding also works with the submenus of each WordPress menu Item!

Create Different menus for Different Users and Roles

You can easily setup different menus for different user and /or user roles. That allows you to specifically set what each group will be able to see in their admin menu,

Export and Import Menus Setups with ease

As each menu setup is a normal custom post type, you can export them with your WordPress install using the import/export native feature or export individual Menu Setups, using our custom-built exporter.

Add New Separators

If you still have too many items in the final menu, you can add separator to better distinguish to your user the crucial parts of the site.

See it in Action!

Fill the caption bellow and a sandbox will be created for you to test it out! It will automatically log you into WordPress then you just need to go to the Dashboard.



I did a fair bit of research to try and find a plugin that did what your plugin does. Because a lot of the methods I tried weren’t successful or did exactly what I wanted them too, I decided to purchase your plugin and give it a go as I had not come across anything else…

Ravinot buyer from CodeCanyon

It does the job very well ! My customers admin panel are no longer cluttered.

Eric05 buyer from CodeCanyon

Does exactly what I needed… the ability to allow certain users access to only certain parts of the dashboard without it affecting admin.

BorisDollar buyer from CodeCanyon

Simple plugin but doing exactly what it says it does.

Idesignstudio buyer from CodeCanyon

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