Enabling Growth

We create solutions so that you can
materialize your ideas with ease.

Our Projects

From WordPress plugins that allow you to create and run your own business, to services that enhance your customers’ experience.

WP Ultimo

Create your own Website as a Service platform on top of WordPress Multisite in less than 5 minutes!

WP Admin Pages PRO

The plugin you need to help you create Admin Pages that fit your necessities and wishes with ease.

SaaS Notes

The easiest and more organized way to communicate the latest news and updates about your product to your public.


Offer the best support your customers can have with a simple and beatiful plugin to install on your product's page.

Material WP

Get the look and feel of Material Design right in your admin panel with our dashboard theme!

About Us

We are a group of passionate people, working in three countries (Brazil, Spain and the Philippines), focused on creating amazing solutions using WordPress!


Arindo Duque

Founder and CEO
Arindo is the founder of NextPress and the mind behind its products. Nowadays he’s a full-time developer and entrepreneur in the tech area. He’s a Brazilian, from Juiz de Fora, based in Madrid, Spain.

Daniel Leal

Daniel is an experienced full-stack developer that joined our team. He helps with the add-ons and plugins maintenance, as well as with core development. He’s based in Curitiba, Brazil.

Gustavo Modesto

Developer Intern
Gustavo is a development intern and helps the rest of the team with implementing new features on our products as well as debugging issues and testing. He’s also based in Juiz de Fora, Brazil.

Juliana Dias Gomes

Project Manager
Juliana is a Brazilian journalist who also manages NextPress' projects and the WP Ultimo Community. She speaks four languages, so feel free to contact her in Portuguese, Spanish, English or French. Currently she's based in Madrid, Spain.

Rodinei Costa

Rodinei is an experienced Brazilian full-stack developer who joined NextPress team. He works with plugins and add-ons maintenance and also helps to develop WP Ultimo's core. He's based in Ananindeua, Brazil.

Ruel Porlas

Support Manager
Ruel is our Support Manager. He is here to aid community members and to help with questions you may have before and after purchasing our products. He’s based in Rodriguez, in the Philippines.

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