Our Admin Themes won’t be sold at CodeCanyon anymore. And here’s why

Hello everyone! 

We have some news for you regarding our Admin Themes.

For the last years, Material WP and PRO Theme – the Admin Themes developed by NextPress – have been sold at CodeCanyon. As such, we sold them under Envato’s two license options, Regular and Extended, that could be bought in a one-time payment of U$20 and U$104, respectively.

This worked for us during these years, but now it’s time to say goodbye to the CodeCanyon platform. And there were two main reasons for this decision.

Growing steady and sustainably

First of all, we sadly feel that, for our business model, CodeCanyon takes too large of a cut for doing too little. Therefore, we needed to move the themes to a more sustainable revenue model.

To make sure we can maintain our Admin Themes in the long run, adding more features, providing better support, and so on, we decided to rely on 3 subscriptions plans and a Lifetime license (a model we’ve tested and proved with our other two flagship products – WP Ultimo and WP Admin Pages PRO).

This pricing model is not supported by CodeCanyon, and we are now moving our products to Freemius, a platform focused on selling WordPress themes, plugins, and add-ons. Sales will be made directly from the plugins’ websites – https://materialwp.com and https://prothemewp.com.

Our new prices

From now on, we are adopting the following prices for Material WP and PRO Theme:

Starter – $19 /year – 1 Domain
Plus – $39 /year – 3 Domains
Pro – $69 /year – Unlimited Domains
Lifetime – $139 one-time payment – Unlimited Domains

In all of the plans, users will have access to automatic plugin updates, email support, and all the core features.

And if you already have a license…

…this means that you bought our product on CodeCanyon before all those changes and should migrate your license to Freemius, in order to manage the product you bought.

The license you hold will now work as a Starter License ($19), meaning that you can have our Admin Theme installed in one domain and – starting from the day you migrate your account – theme updates and email support will be provided for 1 (one) entire year.

With this task in mind, our team developed a migrator that should do all the hard work for you.

To access it, just go to Material WP’s or PRO Theme’s websites (whichever you hold a license for) and go to the Account page, where you should see a Convert your CodeCanyon License block.

Insert the email you used for registration and the key you received from CodeCanyon after purchasing the theme.

Once you send this information your new account will be automatically created and you should receive an email from Freemius with your new credentials. After the migration, there’s no need to worry about your old CodeCanyon license anymore.

Finally, if you have any questions, we are here to help! Just send an email to support (at) nextpress.co and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Kind regards!

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